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Sep 28, 2015

Etisalat Chatpack Free Browsing Tweak

Etisalat unlimited browsing using simple server and PSIPHON HANDLER

apn: etisalat
port: 8080
open ur simple server setting
proxy host:
injection query/url:
injection host:
injection line : press enter key four times
log level: debug close ur simple server and connect, you can
use auto proxy to make all aplication work.

apn: etisalat
leave ip and port empty open ur psiphon handler
tick remove port
proxy type: select real host
proxy server:
click save.

go to option and select region as united state. tick tunnel whole device.
enter more option and also tick “connect
through http”
still on more option tick “use the following
host adress:
close and connect.

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