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Sep 21, 2015

MS Word CTRL Shortcuts From A-Z

CTRL A = Select text

CTRL B = Bold text

CTRL C = Copy text

CTRL D = Open font formatting window

CTRL E = Center text

CTRL F = Find a phrase

CTRL G = Go To a specific page or bookmark

CTRL H = Replace text with another text or replace text with different formatting

CTRL I = Italicizetext

CTRL J = Justify text

CTRL K = OpenInsert Hyperlinkwindow

CTRL L = Left align text

CTRL M = Indent a paragraph from the left

CTRL N = Open new Word document

CTRL O = Open an existing Word document

CTRL P = Print Word document

CTRL Q = Remove paragraph formatting

CTRL R = Right align text

CTRL S = Save Word document

CTRL T = Create a hanging indent

CTRL U = Underline text

CTRL V = Paste text

CTRL W = Close Word document

CTRL X = Cut text

CTRL Y = Re-do an action previously
un-done OR repeat an action

CTRL Z = Un-do a previous action

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