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May 5, 2016

Today Is The World Password Day - Learn How To Choose A Strong Password Here

Today, May 5, 2016 is the world password day. I still know many people that still use 1234 as their password for their ATM, while many use their date of birth. Weak passwords are very dangerous, they can be easily guessed and ha.cked. We use passwords in our daily lives with our devices or electronics. Using a weak password can leave you with a chance of getting ha.cked. That's why in big sites doesn't allow the name on your mail to be used or appear in your password cos they know it can be easily guessed and ha.cked.

Today, i will write down some tips to help you choose a strong and unique passwords that can't be guessed easily.

  1. Make long passwords. The longer, the better. Try using a minimum of 12 characters.
  2. Include numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  3. Include words in different languages. The more less obscure the words, the better. The more ancient the language, the better.
  4. Do not use dictionary words.
  5. Do not use your date of birth or that of your spouse or children. Just don’t use dates of birth.
  6. Some things are meant to be changed regularly – like your pants. And passwords.
  7. Do not share your passwords. While there is love in sharing, when it comes to passwords, sharing is not nice. 
I am sure, with these, you'll be able to choose a strong and unique password that can't be easily guessed. 

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