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Aug 8, 2016

How To Know If Someone Is Secretly Accessing Your Gmail Account

Gmail (pronounced Gee-mail) is a free Web-based e-mail service that provides users with a gigabyte of storage for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages.

Sometimes we fall into the hands of hac.kers who secretly access your Gmail account to find information or use it for fraudulent activities which you won't even notice. This is quite funny but some wicked one will immediately change your password if they successfully get into your Gmail account. 

I will be teaching you how to know if someone is secretly accessing your Gmail account. 

  1. Visit using your phone, look for "view Gmail in Desktop". Or rather use a Computer to visit Gmail. (You must be logged in).
  2. Once you’re in Desktop view, kindly scroll down.
  3. On the bottom right corner of the screen, look for the part that says “Last Account Activity”. Click on details.
  4. You’ll see a list of the last 10 times your account, indicating the IP address of the computer or device as well as where you accessed it from.

If any of the IP addresses seem unfamiliar or the country where its been accessed from seem suspicious, change your password immediately to avoid stories that touch. 

This tutorial is strictly for Gmail as other email services like yahoo, MSN are yet to release this feature. 


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