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Dec 22, 2017

Instagram is Rolling out Inline Comment Box in the Feed

Instagram has been adding lots of new and interesting updates. Just recently, they added the ability to follow hashtags just like how you follow people. Now, they just added yet another interesting feature that makes commenting on posts much more easier.

Instagram added an inline comment box that pops up right below a post while scrolling through your home feeds, which lets you comment on the post without clicking on the post.

Initially, you won't see the inline comment box immediately after scrolling to a post. The inline comment box pops up after a few seconds of looking at any post which is really cool. This is because, you are likely to comment on a post you spend some minutes reading.

The comment box will remain on those posts if you scroll down your feed and/or scroll up again, but it disappears when you close Instagram app and reopen it.

This feature would really make commenting on posts on Instagram much more easier. The inline comment box feature has been seen on iOS a month ago, and it's just rolling out now to Android version.

Kindly head over to Playstore and update your Instagram app to enjoy the new feature from Instagram.


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  1. nice one about instagram, good feature.............

  2. Yeah it's already implemented on Facebook.

  3. This is a nice idea brought upon by instagram.

  4. This is very helpful indeed cause I no longer have to open every post before I can comment on it.